Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Jura Capresso Coffee and Espresso Center

What can I say? I love coffee: Because I drink it all day and because I need to be able to make a cup of decaf as well as caffeinated coffee, one at a time, I needed to buy a coffee system, not just a coffee maker. Being that I love to buy whole beans, I didn't want a Pod-type system.

Years ago I bought a Jura Capresso E8 Coffee and Espresso Center. To tell the truth, it was a tough decision because of the price, as is any coffee center of this type. This machine was wonderful and I have used it so much, I could have owned a coffee shop.

Recently a situation arose and I needed to buy another one. I researched all the new models of the Jura Capresso brand as well as others which had come on the market. Finally I decided on the new Jura Capresso ENA3 model. Again, I am putting it to use morning and night.

This model is a bit smaller than the E8, which is what I wanted, as well as quieter and also has a higher temperature as default so the coffee is a little hotter when it comes out. Great improvement especially for the price point. Jura Capresso makes many other models which are more expensive, which have addressed the temperature settings, but I wanted to stay at a certain price.

This company's customer service is really buttoned up. Not only can they advise you over the phone with any question you may have on the machine, but if something goes wrong and your unit is still under warranty, they will send you a label to ship the unit back (at no cost to you,) and in a few days you will have your unit returned. If the warranty is over, you pay for repairs but it is still cost effective.

Where to buy: One of my favorite sites is You can call and speak to someone for advice and every now and then you will find a discount offered on certain brands. They offer free shipping, price matches and bonus gifts on purchases of coffee centers. For example you could choose a free filter cartridge or a pound of coffee and more. They don't just sell most major brands of Coffee Systems, but tea products and many other items. Check it out.

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