Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Baggallini Bags

Does your shoulder hurt from your shoulder bag? I walk a great deal and have finally made some good decisions: I started to carry less and less in my bag and then bought a smaller bag, one which I carry across my body. What a relief. This has definitely helped me cut back on trips to the chiropractor.

I discovered a line of bags called Baggallini. They come in basic colors and then some more interesting ones. Some come with loops in the back so that you could slip them onto your belt. Aside from the ones which are worn across your body, they do have handbags, totes, you name it. The smaller ones make you realize how much excess you needlessly have carried in your other bags. A thought: the less you carry, the less phone calls you have to make to credit card companies if you lose your wallet.

Have fun taking your walks!

Where to buy: I have to admit, I found these on onlineshoes.com, my go to site for my Merrell shoes. Again, remember that this site often offers discount codes when you spend a certain amount. If you decide to buy a pair of shoes and a baggallini bag, you could be eligible for the coupon. Sign up for emails from the site.

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