Friday, October 16, 2009

Leaving My Land Line Behind

Forget your Landline: I recently purchased the OOMA system to use as my home phone. Yes, it works through the internet, but it has more advantages than getting the "Triple Play" from your cable company. You need to make the initial investment for the equipment, but after that, it is free, with certain exceptions, such as a maximum use of 3000 minutes per month or making a 411 call or a "900" number call. You pay for calling those numbers. You can choose between keeping your existing telephone number or getting a new one.

It took 15 minutes to set up and there it was, a dial tone on an old "home phone." It comes with the "Hub" for your main telephone and a "Scout" to use for plugging phones into jacks in other rooms. The "Scout" can also function as a second line.

As I use it more, I will post comments.

Where to buy: many websites and stores sell it. I bought mine at a while ago, but it is getting more popular, so more venues are selling it. Right now it is actually sold out on the site. You can also go to and get further information. You can find forums online which help answer some questions and OOMA'S site will answer most questions you can think of.

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