Thursday, October 22, 2009

Searching For and Buying Wine

How much wine can one person buy? As much as I can store. I look for wines which I have tried at restaurants, or ones I read about on different wine sites, wine columns in newspapers and magazines. Then I check to see who may have them and when they may offer free shipping. Sometimes the price offered is so good that I will pay for shipping.

Where to price wine: I start out by going on to see who sells a particular wine and check out the costs. Information is free unless you want to see an even longer list of merchants. There is a fee for this "professional" service.

Then I order. The best thing to do is to register on various wine sites so that you will get emails about all their offerings especially the sales and free shipping offers.

Where to buy: here are a few of my go to sites:,,,,,,, The physical location of the wine site is important to me because the further away, the longer the shipping time, the worse for the wine, maybe. All this is based on using ground shipping, not any kind of expedited time frame. I don't want to spend a great deal to get the wine. Some sites will tell you that due to warm weather, they may not ship until a certain time. Most importantly, you may need to be home to sign for the delivery.

Winery Sites: you may be able put your name on the mailing lists of the wineries you like so that you can get first choice of the wine produced each year. Many wineries have waiting lists since they can only allocate a certain amount due to the fact that they do not produce more than a couple of hundred cases a year.

Enjoy your wine and remember to drink responsibly!

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