Saturday, October 24, 2009

Shopping For Your Pets

Where are the best prices for most of your pet meds and other things? Having had 3 labrador retreivers and a cat all at once meant spending lots of money on visits to the vet as well as paying for all their medications. I found one site where the cost of most items I needed was at least a few dollars less per item as on other sites. Couple this with free shipping over $100 and many coupon codes for discounts on your total order, makes this my favorite site over and over again. Many times I receive the products in a few days after ordering.

Where to go: check out

You can also call them to ask any questions and place your order. After I signed up to receive emails from them, I have gotten coupon codes for 5% off any order with no minimum, although under $100 you pay shipping, and 7 or 8% off orders over $150.00. It varies but the codes keep coming.

They have loads of other things for all your pet's needs and when I say pets, I mean cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, ferrets, birds, fish and reptiles, to name a few. They will fax your vet a request for a prescription medication you want if you don't have a script to give them. Of course your vet has to have approved your pet's taking this medication first. And...your vet doesn't mind you buying the medication from somewhere other than their office.

I do use other sites when there is something I need which does not have, and also if there is a coupon code for a big discount or if something is specially priced. I will post more on other sites at a later time.

Start saving money now!

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