Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Update on Shoe Sites

Nothing stays the same: Just spoke to a rep at and was told that their return policy is now 365 days. Don't ask me why it may take someone a year to return something they have not worn, but the site says you would be surprised...some people buy things, put them away, forget they have it and then want to return it. How nice to buy something and forget you just spent money!

I did notice that their competitor,, has the same return policy, 365 days. They also have free returns, which online does not unless you feel strongly about the shoe you want to return - it is not made well, or something like that - and ask that they pay for the return. They do have free exchanges.

So far I have not seen discount coupons from I do like my discounts!


Unknown said...

i totally understand the 365 day return policy. i bought shoes from zappos almost a month ago and keep forgetting to bring the return box to UPS. so that long retun policy is helpful!

ShelleySays said...

Then I guess there is a reason for everything.